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Minitab Essentials

Topics covered in the training material include: ODBC, Bar Charts, Histograms, Boxplots, Pareto Charts, Scatterplots, Tables and Chi-Square Analysis, Measures of Location and Variation, t-Tests, Proportion Tests, Tests for Equal Variances, Power and Sample Size, Correlation, Simple Linear and Multiple Regression, ANOVA and GLM, Equivalence Testing.


Statistical Quality Analysis

Topics and tools covered include: Gage R&R, Destructive Testing, Gage Linearity, Gage Stability, Attribute Agreement, Variables and Attribute Control Charts, Capability Analysis for Normal, Non-normal and Attribute data.

Additional Topics in Statistical Quality Analysis

Topics covered in the training material include: Gage R&R Expanded, Orthogonal Regression, Tolerance Intervals, Acceptance Sampling, Between-Within Analysis, Control Charts including EWMA, Short-Run, and Rare Events

Factorial Designs

Tools and topics Covered Include: Design of Factorial Experiments; Normal Effects Plot and Pareto of Effects; Power and Sample Size; Main Effect, Interaction, and Cube Plots; Center Points; Overlaid Contour Plots; Multiple Response Optimization


DOE in Practice

Topics and Tools Covered Include: ANCOVA, Unbalanced Designs, Split­Plot Designs, Multiple Response Optimization, Binary Logistic Regression.

Automating Analyses in Minitab

Automate your Minitab analysis and save time with macros. Learn how to use Minitab’s command syntax to write macros that instantaneously import data from a database, manipulate poorly structured Excel files, and perform statistical analysis with minimal user input.


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